CritSui3: The 3rd Annual Critical Suicide Research Network Conference. 12-13 December, Western Australia

Building Critical Bridges:

The Third Conference of the Critical Suicide Studies Network (a.k.a. CritSui3)

12 – 13 December 2018, 

The University of Western Australia

Conference programme and book of abstracts

CritSui3 (Perth, Dec 2018) Programme

CritSui3 (Perth, Dec 2018) Book of Abstracts


You are warmly invited!

Scholars, postgraduates and healthcare professionals, policy advocates and community members are warmly invited to attend the 3rd Annual Critical Suicide Studies Network Conference (CritSui3), held at The University of Western Australia (Crawley campus in Perth, WA) 12-13 December.

This free, two-day event brings together people working in different sectors, and scholars and policy advocates from more than ten different countries to engage in a series of roundtable discussions and interactive presentations to continue the process of building bridges towards finding new, better, more effective approaches to understanding and responding to suicide.

What is Critical Suicide Studies?

The Critical Suicide Studies Network presents an approach to understanding, theorising and intervening in suicide from alternative perspectives. Such perspectives have sought to find renewed, more critical ways of thinking about suicide to address and respond to suicide where traditional medico-psychological approaches have failed.

Many working within suicidology have become frustrated by the limitations of dominant pathologising and medicalised approaches to suicide research and prevention practices. Believing that suicide research is in need of an ongoing critical re-thinking of its subject matter and a broadening of it disciplinary basis, Critical Suicide Studies investigates the social, philosophic, psychological, literary and cultural practices of making sense of suicide, taking into account how suicide is shaped by history, politics, identity, culture, media and power.  As an approach, it works with service providers, communities and publics to develop nuanced but useful accounts of suicide that can help build bridges across theory and practice and affected communities. More info on Critical Suicide Studies can be found at the Network’s website

 Themes and Roundtables

The conference will be comprised of a series of roundtable and presentation events, including:

  • Lived Experience of Suicide
  • Critical Methodologies
  • Indigenous knowledges
  • Migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and socio-political conditions of suicidality
  • Gender and sexually-diverse persons, subjects and communities
  • Critical suicide approaches in practice (marginal and alternative approaches)

Registration/RSVP Essential

Please register before 1 December 2018 by providing your details at:


The conference will be held at The University of Western Australia (Crawley campus), in Perth at the Engineering Building.  Please see the programme (link above) last page for a map.

The University of Western Australia campus is approximately an 8 minute drive (car, uber, taxi), 12 minute bus ride, or 45 minute walk.  Buses leave from the Elizabeth Quay Bus Port at the south of Perth City very regularly (approximately every 10 minutes).

The exact Building and Rooms and a Campus Map will be provided by email in the first week of December 2018 to those who have registered.

Travel Information: Accommodation

The conference committee recommends the following accommodation options for travellers.

Perth City (c. 5-15 by vehicle).  We recommend any hotel along St Georges’ Terrace in Perth City.  (Check or other reputable online hotel third-party providers for an excellent range of hotels offering accommodation relevant to a range of budgets).

Fremantle (c. 25 minutes by vehicle).   Fremantle is a port city with excellent heritage features and notable tourist spots–the Fremantle Harbour is Perth’s main sea port.  Fremantle is 25-40 minutes by vehicle from Perth City and usually about 25 minutes to the UWA campus which is between the two.  There are a number of excellent large and small hotels in Fremantle for those who are keen on a relaxed environment near their accommodation (please check for options).

Nedlands/Crawley.  For those who wish to stay within very close walking distance of the campus, there are a number of options for accommodation in Nedlands/Crawley, including many AirBnB residences.  Very close to the University is Trinity on Hampden which offers a small number of rooms attached to a residental college (

Travel Information: Visa Requirements 

Regardless of how long you intend to stay, you must have a valid Australian visa if you want to visit Australia.

There are multiple visa options, depending on your length of stay, reason for travel and country of origin.

The Australian Government Department of ‘Home Affairs’ website has a visa finder, offering advice as to which visa might be appropriate for your situation.

Letter of Invitation
The Conference committee will offer invitation letters to persons who have registered and paid the complete registration fee and who are travelling from countries that require a visa for entry into Australia. The letter will provide proof of registration and proof of payment. Letters of invitation will only be issued for legitimate conference delegates who have already registered and paid to attend the conference. Invitation Letters may be obtained by contacting (to expedite the process, please put in the subject line “Visa required”). Please note that when applying for your Visa you should include a copy of your Conference registration confirmation.

Please note this procedure is intended to assist participants who need to obtain a visa or permission to attend the Conference. It is not an official invitation covering fees and other expenses. It does not imply any financial support from the Conference.